BJJ Skull Guy Hang tag made by Sticker Robot July 07 2014

Having cool artwork on the hang tag of Porrada Gear products is not a dream anymore!  We have just received our super RAD hang tag stickers made by Sticker Robot ( meaning that it will last for a long time, silkscreened on clear vinyl in California by the best for the best customers.  You will still receive our traditional SF Gate Stickers with your order.      Be RAD!    Porrada Gear 

Porrada Gear and Just the Gi Top episode 35 Clark Gregg from "The Avengers" May 01 2014

Check the episode 35 with Clark Gregg, brown belt and actor from "The Avengers".  You can watch on Youtube

PAN 2014 March 18 2014

There were a lot of exciting matches at Pans 2014, but as many people mentioned most of male black belt finals were closed out by competitors from the same school. What do you think about the decisions?

Porrada™ Sf Gate Collection August 13 2013

 We had designed a collection that artistically depicts appreciation for Jiu Jitsu and California. The red belt represents the pinnacle of Jiu jitsu art.  The Golden Gate represents California and its importance as the mecca of Jiu Jitsu in the United States.    
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